172: Overthinking the Housekeeping Process Podcast Leave a comment

Ok, so since I’m also one who waaayyy overthinks the housekeeping thing, (as in, a year’s worth of calendar pages with daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly “to dos” for every day, and later, some check lists for decluttering every drawer and shelf, which, of course, never got used…) I’m appreciating this way of thinking! LOL!! But, I got a little confused on your illustration of the laundry–you used to make little piles of everything to put away at the end of the folding, and then got distracted and everything got scrambled again. So, you recommend putting things away as you go so you don’t end up with that mess, but, of course, not EACH AND EVERY little rag and underwear one at a time, so you make little piles to put away…??? Piles sounds like what you did to start with?! Do you mean that you just periodically put away the stacks so they don’t get too big and take too long and you get distracted?? Or, have I not listened enough to figure this out, since no one else has commented with this question? 😉 And, of course, I’m asking because that very thing has happened in this very house. LOL!!

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