173: 5 Tips for Helping Others Declutter Podcast Leave a comment

I really enjoyed this podcast. I am sure at some point I will be giving someone else a hand decluttering and I like how you talk about gaining trust.

At the moment I’m practising the opposite. I’m practising not helping until I’m asked. I know I will be at some point. But not yet. As you say, it’s easy to see what someone else needs to do in their home. Much easier then in your own home. So I’ve had to practice refocusing that energy on my own home until the time when others might want my help.

I also decided to blog about it, so that’s a good place to focus that energy.

Since I found your blog in February I’ve been reminded how much I enjoy writing. I love hearing you talk about your projects. I used to write so much in high school. But then I moved out of the countryside and made friends outside my family. I love my friends. But you’ve inspired me to go back to writing. So thank you.

(Also I have time because my house isn’t a wreck!)

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