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I can say that I never really intentionally brought my kids into the kitchen to help me! But today, as grown adults, they both know how to cook and aren’t afraid of any recipe, nor of creating their own. Why? I think because I always cooked real food. They knew what it was. I had the same experience growing up and remember the first meal I made in our kitchen at university–now how do I cook carrots? But I knew the general idea and figured out how long!

I find it sad and surprising that there are so many “real food” blogs now as it has made me realize just how few people actually cook, and fewer cook with real food. I’m 58 and it was just within the last few years that I figured out what Rice-a Roni was…rice and macaroni! I told that to my Mum and she had never known!!! I could sing the jingle…but we couldn’t afford the convenience foods that were available then anyhow. Now it is hard to find real food in the grocery store!

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