202: Letting People Into Your Home and In On Your Slob Secret Leave a comment

My husband and I both grew up in cluttered homes, and our parents became hoarders in their old age. Needless to say, I was never taught housekeeping skills. I am still learning many things about housekeeping, thank you Dana and many other people for your input. Although now my home would be considered “normal” by many people, some friends have asked me: why do you fold your sheets wrong?; why do you have dishes in your sink? (didn’t they notice that there are no dishes on the counter and those dishes are from breakfast this morning?!); why don’t you fold your laundry from the dryer? don’t you know that you are supposed to clean your toilet twice a week? I have learned that “Humility, after the first shock, is a cheerful virtue.” When I have an attitude of grace toward these friends, I learn something (even when I don’t follow their advice) and do not resent them. I also need them to overlook my faults.

I am not disgusted by my slob friends’ messy houses because I know that my wonderful mother is much worse, and that it is hard to clean and declutter. Your “normal” friend may have a history to overcome, and may be more understanding than you know.

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