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Hi Nony! (er, Dana)–Love your blog, and after reading the newer post about your reader tackling her desk I’m going to go tackle mine.
HOWEVER, I would urge you not to get your readers drawn into this whole lose-x-amount-of-weight-in-x-amount-of-days nonsense. Exercise is a great, great thing that we all need, with health benefits too numerous to count, but exercise in and of itself is not a weight-loss tool. And if you did indeed lose 15 pounds in 30 days it would be 1) largely water weight, as all quick initial weight loss is, and 2) way too fast, at about 4 pounds a week, twice the fastest recommended rate of 2 pounds a week and almost certain to be regained. Short-term weight loss is worse than useless. (And yes, I do see that you use the words “up to 15 pounds,” but the implication is that people will indeed lose that much.) But encouraging people to get started on good, long-term exercise habits is priceless. So . . . ’nuff said.

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