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Is it possible to really change how I clean my house?

Cleaning out a home where you or a loved one has lived for a long time isn’t fun. But it’s reality. As my family has recently experienced, the time does come when everything has to go. I’m sharing the process we went through, and some strategies for getting the job done.

Things mentioned:

Helping Someone Downsize podcast

Wishing Someone Would Declutter podcast

Clutter Threshold podcast

Container Concept

Decluttering Frames (but not photos)

Cleaning out my in-law’s home


If you’re in the Dallas area, join me for a fun event where I’ll be speaking in Waxahachie, TX on Sept 19th.

Details: Chick-fil-A Ladies’ Night Out!

Location:  Everly Rose Event Center 116 N Hwy 77. Waxahachie, TX

Date:   Thursday,  September 19

Time:  5-9 pm

Cost: $20

What’s included:  dinner & dessert, mosaic madness frame project,  drawings for door prizes, and me speaking!


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