223: Dealing With Stuff after the Death of a Loved One Leave a comment

My grandmother died a year ago August and she had taken in boxes and shed loads and garage loads of stuff from the family farm which was sold and razed 20 years ago

It’s been my “personal ministry” to help my mom through her grief (although my grandmother was 89 and sliding into senility, it really blindsided my mom, who was her primary caretaker, and left fatherless at 12. Even though my mom is 66, she is definitely feeling like an orphan) Just now they are getting ready to sell the house and she still has boxes and boxes and boxes of things stored at my sister’s house I’ll be helping her sort through over the winter (a newborn is arriving in December, so looking forward to cozy times by the fire with shared memories 🙂

All that to say, the generational passing of sentimental junk will hopefully stop with me. I know all the philosophy and am aware of my problem, just don’t enact on it as I’d like. Appreciate your podcast!

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