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YES, YES, YES, you make perfect sense with what you’re calling rambling. Especially while I’m in the middle of reading, no not reading, devouring your “How to Manage Your Home Without Losing Your Mind”.

You did hit the nail on its head instead of your finger when you help me see that it’s NOT the baby step that gets it done but the keep-doing-the- baby-step-every-day …

I’m turning 66 (years) today and have been married for 41 + years and still struggling in keeping my house in order routinely. We can have meetings in our house, but I still have to keep bedroom doors closed… When we don’t have guests the kitchen sink is full of dirty dishes 75% of the time, like right now (the 25% is on my husband’s watch :O ). BUT I’m NOT going to give up in trying BECAUSE I do get my energy up from a clean and orderly house (or a sparkling bathtub!) I told my daughter I’m gonna to persevere til my last breath. And she encouraged me to keep trying.

Your book How to Manage Your Home… (which I’ve just discovered 4 days ago) opened my eyes to see the key factor to manage my old home.

Can’t wait to listen to all these podcasts as I follow my ROUTINE IN CLEANING. That combo is an energy giver.

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