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Is it possible to really change how I clean my house?

My people (whom I call my people because they tell me we think the same way) tend to have a lot of different “issues” that make getting started decluttering harder than it should be. I’ve had to learn to get over these issues, and my job is helping you get over them, too. One specific hangup is that people like me worry about what counts as decluttering. We want our efforts (at something we don’t love doing) to count. And if something isn’t going to count as decluttering, we question whether we should do it.

While we’re questioning, we’re not actually decluttering.

I’m talking about this concept of what “counts” as decluttering.

Mentioned in this podcast: Become a patron of the show. 

Maddy’s episode in which we discussed her unique decluttering challenges and her frustration with half-done projects.


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