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Ideas For Keeping Your Garage Clean

Maintaining a clean garage can be just as hard as cleaning the entire garage in some cases. But if you do things properly, you will only need to do maintenance from time to time and bigger cleaning once in a while. Here are some DIY garage organization and cleaning tips that are worth using. 

15. Keep Things Off The Floor

Keep stuff off the floor, this is the best way to avoid getting your floors dirty and creating a bigger mess. This is why wall shelving, hooks, and garage ceiling storage are the most optimal ideas to pursue. This actually includes your shoes as well. There are plenty of garage shoe organizer shelves that come pre-made and can hang from your hooks. 

16. Keep Your Car Outside During Warmer Months

If you have the possibility to keep your car outside of the garage during better climates, make sure to try it. Bringing your car in and out of your garage can bring a lot of dirt and unwanted debris into your home and garage. Keeping it outside avoids this. 

17. Clean Your Tools and Products

While a garage is not the first thing, you think of cleaning from time to time. But ensuring that the products get a wipe-down will help keep the cleaning to a minimum down the road. Build-up, as mentioned, can cause you to replace the products as well. 

18. Seal Up Open Spaces

When you have cracks and openings between the garage and the outside, you are leaving room for things to blow in. This can make your garage a lot dirtier than you think even if it is the tiniest of spaces. To avoid this, you can use silicone or rubber seals to block the openings.

19. Divide Your Containers

Maximize the space from your containers and boxing by placing little dividers in them to separate tiny pieces. It also helps create more organizing so not everything blends together. This could be tool parts like nuts and bolts or something like holiday ornaments so they don’t break. 

20. Use More Wall Hooks for Awkward Items

Gardening tools are oddly shaped. They don’t really fit in containers and putting them on the floor is not ideal. That’s why using wall hooks and vertical storage is one of the best approaches to this. Keep the groupings rule still in the palace so it’s not randomly hung. 

21. Get Your Label Maker Ready

Nothing should go unlabeled. The more labeling you have the easier it is to find everything. While you can certainly write it all out on tape, this wears after time. Label makers are great because they get the job done faster. 

22. Have a Workbench

If you have some room in your garage, it is always a nice idea to have a workbench. This keeps it from cluttering the inside. Also, you may find yourself doing messier projects in the garage. Having a workbench can help contain it in one area. 

23. Have a Separate Garage Vacuum

If possible, have a second garage vacuum. This helps keep stuff out of the house and garages tend to have a lot more dirt and debris. You’ll also need a hand vacuum or extension to get to higher-up areas if possible 

24. Personalize Your Space 

Usually, garages are the part of the house that gets forgotten. However, if you add your own style to it,  it can be an organized and delightful place to be. If you set up a workbench and it’s clean you may enjoy various projects from your garage. 

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