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I have been listening for months, but not your assumed audience. I first read your “…at speed of life”, then found podcast. I am a decluttering geek. I love it. I like your approach for the true slob(your word) or for the person/family member who doesn’t want to but needs to declutter.It’s an easy start. I am a Weight watcher lifetime and as I listened to you and other decluttering podcasts, I can see the parallel between decluttering and weigh lose. Its about mind set, and getting something under control. Choosing your weight loss goal is the same as a “clutter threshold”. and changing small habits is what is the key: do your dishes = take a walk. In WW , we learn to appreciate non-scale victories which are the same as being OK with someone stopping by, or eating dinner at the table. but I would add that to measure decluttering success, making goals: measurable and achievable is a way to measure our decluttering progress.I.e. I will see the top of the patio table. OR I will be able to park 1 car in the garage. And like weight loss, there is maintenance. Once we achieve our goals, life may derail us and we will need to “declutter” again and return to our increased activity/eat better habits that allowed us to achieve our weight/clutter goal/threshold. I could go on but also wanted to tell you, I like your voice and your mike is good.

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