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Is it possible to really change how I clean my house?

podcast 263 Decorating Without Clutter with The Nester at aslobcomesclean.com

I’m talking to Myquillyn Smith, whom you may know as “The Nester.” I met Myquillyn a few years ago when she invited me to be an author at her Nest Fest event. She’s as nice as she seems online.

We talk about decorating and organizing and decluttering and my fears of cute displays turning into piles of random clutter. I like her because she’s purposefully not intimidating and gives real tips that make me think, “Well, I could totally do that.”

Welcome Home – Myquillyn’s new book! (that’s my affiliate link)

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Decorating Without Clutter with The Nester podcast 263 at aslobcomesclean.com


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