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I’m grateful for this podcast! I need that last question answered.

I thought I was about 80% done decluttering. We had our nephew and my mother-in-law move in with us.

We gave up the downstairs master bedroom because she can’t do stairs. I was picky about what of MY stuff moved upstairs. I begrudgingly moved all the clothes my husband doesn’t wear upstairs. I was grateful when he decluttered some things.

I moved everything out of my craftroom and only added one set of shelves to the dining room. I even emptied a Costco dresser/room divider. I now know where things are, can get to them easily, and can easily put things back. I was riding a proud high.

Then I had 2 months to grow to hate our new bedroom closet. Knick knacks that I could not get rid of, but didn’t want the visual clutter of displaying, went there. The extra toiletries went there because I no longer have a master bathroom. It didn’t dawn on me, until today, that that bin is procrasticlutter. I need to declutter the bathroom closet and move everything in that bin to the bathroom. The closet is NOT overflowing. 3 months ago I would have been THRILLED with it! Today I put pieces on the 1shelf I have in the bedroom. Its in a weird spot so it doesn’t add a lot to the visual clutter. I had to stand on my bed to dust it and put things on it. I decided if it wasn’t worthy of being displayed, it wasn’t worth keeping. That goes for knick knack type things. I didn’t finish the closet but I made a big dent in it. The decisions were easier than I expected them to be.

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