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I feel the same way about my stuff, it’s not the room but keeping control of it, is what I find overwhelming. My understanding of Divya’s questions are its not storage but organization’ of the toys – so get rid of the table as kids like floor space (get a rug that looks like a road map, so your kids can use it to drive their cars- trucks etc. Mark the bins with a cartoon picture of what’s in them, like goes with like, so dolls & their clothes, musical instruments together (consolidate, cars & traffic lights etc together, smaller things in small containers in a bigger bin & out of reach of 1 year old but easy reach for 8 year old & dress up clothes, the bins/ shelves determine how much you/kids can keep. God Willing they will then love playing in there & end of play put away easily because they’ll know where things go or 5 minutes pick up before bedtime x

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