282: Making Plans or Making Excuses? Leave a comment

Now that podcast hit home! I love making lists! I could spend hours doing that. Or writing down plans that I just KNOW I’ll execute now that it’s all written down.
I get all excited thinking that surely things will get done now that I’ve written down my strategy!
Except they don’t. I do it over and over again and obviously get the same result.
Now I only write down my everyday tasks. If I happen to get a cupboard or a drawer decluttered, or actually clean something that isn’t on my daily list, THEN it gets written down as something I’ve accomplished.
I know that just looking at that cleaned up space should be enough satisfaction, but I still have to write it down.
The difference being that now I feel good when I look at that paper rather than being overwhelmed. Looking at what I’ve done rather than things that need to get done feels so much better!

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