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You mentioned ice cream in the beginning. I immediately thought “hey! I’ve got some in the freezer! “ and right then and there, as I was cleaning out my fridge and freezer and listening to the podcast, i grabbed the ice cream and chocolate syrup. Well, it WAS good. Then I didn’t feel like cleaning at all.
The thing is, I was thinking ALSO, if I just finished these two almost gone things, it would look better after I was done cleaning too, with one less thing on my refrigerator door and one less thing in the freezer. Lol. Well, it did…
BUT, you are so right.
The REAL satisfaction came from knowing the job was done. Right on the money!
Thank you so much for your insight and the thoughts that go into your podcasts.
I listen to them often and am grateful and appreciate your sharing what is in your head, because it’s in mine too!
I soon hope to afford your new classes with your friends who have different strengths and put it all together! (Soon I hope…hubby is looking for a job…wish me luck!) 🤗

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