305: Celebrate Success EVEN if you Aren’t Finished Leave a comment

Thanks for this podcast. I applaud all of the amazing work Heather has done! Being able to provide a safe home for 2 extra family members is an amazing act of caring and generosity. It sounds like she’s had an incredibly stressful year. I hope her family members with COVID are ok and that she lets herself take some time to relax after so much caregiving.

One thought about the declutter closet. It sounds like she used to fill it up with donations, but doesn’t have that much any more because of her success. If that means the closet is mostly empty, maybe it is time to just have a declutter bag or box in the closet and repurpose the closet for something else? I used to have more space allocated for donations and now that I’m far into my decluttering journey have downsized that space to just a bag or box at a time because it fills up so slowly now. Best wishes, Heather!

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