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Thanks for this, found it really encouraging.
I was feeling motivated hearing that a family of 7 can move to a 900sqft home and cope, when I struggle so much in our UK 3 bed. When I looked up our square footage from when this house was last sold (we rent it) and found it’s only 712 square foot! I’d forgotten that till today, having looked it up back when I read the bit in speed of life about the cost of keeping something in each square foot of your house (£1.26 to £1.96 per sqft at local 3 bed rents on our road).

We are a family of 5, so technically a bit more space per person than your guest, but actually that means I genuinely am dealing with a truly small space and it’s ok to find it hard, especially as a permanent home.
1940s affordable post war houses in UK are not designed well for family living. We have one room downstairs (I’m not talking open plan here!), Which is a through room for the kitchen and bathroom behind, so have a gateleg table we put up and down each meal in front of the sofa.
I can’t host homegroup or meetings as only toilet in the downstairs bathroom, so you have to go through this room and WiFi rubbish upstairs (chicken wire lathe walls!). Means family can’t really hang out/work in the bedrooms if the people over that need to not be interrupted. I have had a friend over and shared a cuppa tea and packet of biscuits in my bedroom before now lol. Good to hear other ways people can be hospitable to others, though I think I’d need a full-time marquee rental lol to use the garden here. Bit wet…..
But as Dana says all the time, the size and design of my house, is the size and design of my house. So true about God growing our capacity through the circumstances. We have been asked to leave after 5 years, landlord retiring, so excited to see where we end up, and trying to trust it will work out. Been so well timed to hear your posts on packing to move now.

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