307: Project Brain is a Gift – Planning a Move Leave a comment

‘I’m moving’ said so nonchalantly. I hope it has a pond and a good sized property (I think that’s what you once said you wanted -ha!) But at the end of the podcast I see why it wasn’t such an announcement, since it isn’t completely a done deal. I hope it goes through. We’ve, non-military, moved 8 times in the last 16 years. I’m beyond ready to settle down, but I do think moving has aided me in decluttering (and emotionally detaching myself from things) along with your methods.

Some advice, try to set everything up in the first month. Even pictures on the walls (you can always rearrange later). Like you mentioned you may be adding some things once you move, but if the things you already have don’t find a home right away they may stay in boxes for too long. Someone else once suggested this more eloquently, but I’ve found it to be good advice. Especially fitting for those who move often. I guess your “put it there now” advice works for this. You open a box, put it all in it’s home now and then dispose of the box. One box per family member?

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