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I have read the whole blog from the beginning and there are no new posts to read!!!
I found your books at the library in August on my annual sweep through the organizing/decluttering section.
I started washing my dishes every night instead of waiting for ‘enough to wash’, wiping down all counters, stovetop, etc. Then I put everything away the next morning and swept all the floors. Then I starting wiping down the bathroom every day or so. And DUSTING every week instead of every month or two! Laundry had never really been a problem, even with 4 kids, so retirement was a breeze for laundry. But then I found myself going through those piles of shifted things and eliminating most of the pile. The mission takes old clothing to sell as fiber, so questionable ‘clothes’ are leaving, too! I’m going through those boxes stuck in the closets and getting rid of what has aged past usability. I am getting rid of unused school supplies. (The youngest is 31…)
After all these years, I have a house that is under control!! Organizing was never the problem; letting go of things that might have a use or had a sentimental attachment was my biggest problem! (Sound familiar?)
Today, I made the call to have my father’s big Hammond organ hauled away. There were a few tears–this was his present to himself after he settled his father’s estate almost 50 years ago. He loved hearing it played even though he couldn’t play at all. (Yes, my sister and I took organ lessons on top of piano lessons and played for him and for church.)
The last major area in the living space is the library. At least two generations of bibliophiles have contributed to the 5000 plus books we had when we moved here 25 years ago after buying the house from my parents’ estate. I have used public libraries a LOT in the last 20 years, but haven’t trimmed the basic mass of books back enough to fit in the 11 bookcases.
If we can bite the bullet and learn to put only the most deserving books back on each shelf and donate/recycle the ones that don’t make the cut, the barn and the basement are going to be a breeze in comparison…
Thank you for the difference you have made. The housework is usually done before breakfast, and the rest of the day is open for whatever we decide to do, totally without guilt!
Getting all the prep done for the CL position in Bible study is much less stressful now! (I had you figured as a great candidate for a CL position by about the third time you mentioned your Wednesday morning Bible study!)
PS Adam Kane identified the camp at which you learned to clean!! We’ve known him since before he started school. Such a small world!
Merry Christmas, and thanks again!

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