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Dana! This podcast was a eureka moment for me! Let me reassure you it was incredibly helpful. I’ve been aware that my perfectionist tendencies are actually why my house gets out of control. That’s the point – when “control” is not happening, it’s a slippery slope to “why bother” because it will never be perfect. But!…the word Idealism applies so much better – even the word is the ideal expression LOL. It’s so much more freeing in allowing me not to overcomplicate these tasks, to use routines, to lessen the anxiety and bathe myself in the knowledge and wisdom things don’t have to be ideal. Not sure why the substitution of idealism over perfectionism resonates with me so much better — perhaps it’s the negative meaning we’ve placed on perfectionism.

Then, to build on this new revelation, I’d never brought to my consciousness that my friends with what looked like cleaner homes have tricks, cheats, and hacks for the appearance of clean. I need to give myself permission to see and use those too — make the paradigm shift that these are “ideal” ways to deal with my home.

I realize too my TPAD and slobvision has me puzzled when I go to a good friend’s home and she apologizes for the house being a mess when it looks completely clean to me. I thought she was just being self-deprecating and it was a little annoying honestly. LOL I’m thinking now it’s because she was actually being honest with me because she knows it’s not clean – her tricks work – and my slobvision missed the idealism. I need to embrace what’s simpler and know it’s good, to release the anxiety that comes with perfectionism because that’s not really the goal.

Thanks, Dana! So happy for your move. Hope y’all had a Merry Christmas and looking forward to a blessed new year! I’m also in TYHB from the start and pre-ordered your latest book back when you first announced it. Congratulations on your continued success!

Thanks again so much for these insights!

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