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First time hearing the podcast instead of YouTube – thanks for directing us over here. This podcast is so relatable! Ramen wrappers on the counter in the morning – LOL, here too!
I wanted.to mention to you another discussion I just listened to by the couple who made one of the viral “DOOM Box” posts. They cover much of the “why”, and I kept wanting to tell them your method of “how” to deal with it! You, plus Dawn and her inventory concept.
In case you want to have a listen:
For me personally, my house is a disaster right now, but there were times in younger days when I kept it spotless (albeit with full drawers and cabinets). And I honestly can’t tell if I’m dealing with my own ADHD, or if it’s just a result of living with a husband and 3 sons, some.of whom are autistic/ADHD and me just being unable to keep up with them all. Probably a bit of both.
Thanks again for all you do 🙂

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