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stocking stuffers

The last few days our front door has been getting a workout as friends and neighbors drop by with gifts and goodies! Sunday night our next door neighbors actually brought over a freshly-baked homemade apple pie! That’s when I really started to get nervous! I had yet to come up with something to share with my neighbors. I also hadn’t thought about stocking stuffers either! Yikes. December 23rd! Yep, I’d better work fast!

Fortunately I was able to come up with a few last minute ideas for both neighbors and for stockings that I think will work well and thought I would share them with you (just in case you’re in the same boat as me!)

stocking stuffers

Quarters For Christmas & Car Washes

These are perfect for kids with cars, especially in the winter when cars get covered in dirt and road salt. Just grab a couple of rolls of quarters from your bank, wrap them in the paper of your choice and then roll up in cellophane and tie off the ends with ribbon or twine.


Attach this printable gift tag and you’re set!

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stocking stuffers

Emergency Chocolate

Who couldn’t use an emergency supply of chocolate to keep in their purse, desk or car? Turn an ordinary candy bar into a cute and thoughtful gift for those people in your life who you want to show appreciation for. How about your favorite cashier at the grocery store, or the person you buy your coffee from every morning?

emergency-chocolate 1

Simply buy a regular-sized chocolate bar, print out this fun wrapper, and get ready to start making people smile!

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stocking stuffers

You’re Extra Special!

OK, I realize this one is pretty corny, but in my experience, gum is another one of those things you can’t really go wrong giving on Christmas. I can’t remember a Christmas that I haven’t received gum in my stocking.


Tying several packs of gum together and attaching this printable gift tag is just a fun presentation of a tried-and-true idea.

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stocking stuffers

Frozen Cookie Dough

It’s nice to receive a goodie at Christmastime that you can enjoy now AND later, when all the perishable treats have disappeared.


Grab some ribbon and print out one of these gift tags and you have a practical, delicious and super simple gift that the whole family can enjoy well after Christmas has come and gone. (Grab a carton of Pillsbury Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough for your gluten free friends and family.)

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Need MORE inspiration?  

Here are several more ideas curated from across the web! 

stocking stuffers

Breath Spray by Tried and True

With all the holiday mistletoe hanging around, this breath spray stocking stuffer is sure to come in handy 😉

stocking stuffers

Seed Packets by Vale Design

These DIY seed packets would make great neighbor gifts for those of you in warmer climates. Add a cute flower pot, fill it with some potting soil and you’re good to go!

stocking stuffers

Mistle”toes” by Bloom Designs

A super simple gift idea for the girly girls.

stocking stuffers

Funny Tic-Tacs by Somewhat Simple

Kids will get a kick out of these fun Tic-Tac labels.

stocking stuffers

Movie Night Stocking by A Pumpkin and A Princess

I love the idea of putting all the goodies for an at-home movie night in a stocking. So simple but fun!

stocking stuffers

Memory Game by The Mother Huddle

These printable game cards would double as a stocking stuffer and a fun family activity for Christmas day.

stocking stuffers

Root Deer Floats by Thirty Handmade Days

These “Root Deer Floats” are a fun alternative to the traditional plate of cookies for your neighbors.

OK….Christmas is tomorrow! If you’re seriously considering doing any of these…you better get started! 🙂  If not, be sure and bookmark this for future gift-giving occasions!

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