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I’ve never needed a lot of sleep, and typically only get around 6-7 hours per night. But over the past few years, I’ve realized that the quality of those hours has started to count for more and more!

In order to try and make the most of the sleep that I’m getting, I’ve started investing in higher quality bedding that keeps me cool and comfortable at night. But while my bamboo sheets, knee pillow, and other bedding items weren’t necessarily cheap, I’ve committed to learning exactly how to take care of bedding items to make sure they last as long as possible.

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And what I’ve discovered is that there are all sorts of mistakes we often make when cleaning and caring for our bedding that can cause premature wear and tear, or worse! So if you’re hoping to protect your investment in your bedding like I am, start by avoiding these 7 bad habits!

7 Habits That Can Ruin Your Bedding

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1. Twisting And Tangling In The Dryer

Not only is it annoying when your sheets have turn into a tangled wet mess in your dryer, it also puts a lot of unnecessary stress on your sheets! Add a few dryer balls to your dryer along with your sheets to prevent twisting and tangling.

Ways You're Ruining Your Bed Sheets

2. Overfilling Your Washer And Dryer

If your sheets come out of the washing machine with detergent residue on them, or if they come out of the dryer still wet in places, these may be signs that you’re overfilling your machines.

To protect your sheets and bedding and avoid these issues, separate them out into smaller loads rather than trying to wash and dry them all at once.

Habits That Ruin Your Bedding

3. Washing Sheets And Towels Together

Saving a bit of time by washing your bed sheets and towels in the same load isn’t worth the wear and tear it puts on on your sheets! The friction of the towels rubbing against the sheets can quickly wear them out.

The easiest way to avoid this premature wear is just to wash your sheets separately!

Ways You're Ruining Your Bed Sheets

4. Death By Detergent

There are a couple of ways that detergent can ruin your bedding: when there’s too much of it, or it’s too harsh for the fabric. Avoid detergent overdose by only using the recommended amount for your type of washing machine.

Using a gentle detergent can help your sheets last longer too. Homemade laundry detergent is a great option, or pick a store-bought detergent that says it’s safe for sensitive skin.

Habits That Ruin Your Bedding

5. Not Using Protectors

Protecting your mattresses and pillows is as simple as enclosing them in protective, machine-washable covers! These provide protection from sweat, allergens, dust mites, and even bed bugs that can ruin your bedding. If you haven’t used a protective cover on your mattress before you should probably clean it first.  Here is how to clean your mattress.

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Ways You're Ruining Your Bed Sheets

6. Making Your Bed Right Away

Making your bed is a good habit to have, but it’s actually better to wait a while to do it! If you make your bed right after waking up, you’re insulating the warm, moist environment that dust mites can thrive in.

Leaving your bed unmade for a little while gives your bedding time to air out. Air and light will help keep your bed cool, dry, and mite-free!

Habits That Ruin Your Bedding

7. Over-Drying Your Sheets

While you don’t want to put sopping wet sheets on your bed, it’s not good for them to get too dry. Too much heat can cause the elastic in your fitted sheet to dry out and break down.

Instead, tumble-dry your sheets until they are almost dry, then put them on your bed. Let them air dry completely before re-making your bed. (As a bonus, this process makes for wrinkle-free sheets too!)

What one thing has improved your sleep quality the most?

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