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A Donate Box Helps Create Good Habits Declutter with ASlobComesClean.com(1)

I loooooove this story. I experienced the same thing. As I worked on decluttering, my kids picked up the basics from me.

I don’t always feel like I’m passing on my new, declutterer habits to my daughters. They like collections, and they treasure coloring pages from church and school. Then I walk into my bedroom and notice something in my “empty” donation box.

(For the record, I keep one right inside my bedroom door for the family. I usually am the only one who uses it. And I had just filled one and replaced it with an empty one.)

My youngest daughter had put these items in the box, unprompted to pick up, declutter, or clean her room.

It’s good to know I’m teaching these habits. AND my family is learning them.

Thank you, again, for all you do,

Kim P. (and daughter!)

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A Donate Box Helps Create Good Habits Declutter with ASlobComesClean.com

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