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I love this story of decluttering kids’ things SO much! I’ve been there, I know it isn’t fun, but I also know the Container Concept is magic. I’m so happy to hear how it worked for this reader!

overflowing stuffed animals at ASlobComesClean.com Containerize Collection


You are a true miracle worker!

My 9 year old son has a HUGE stuffed animal obsession. I recently finally got him talked into keeping only 5 on his bed, the chain full hanging in his room and pack the remaining 5 garbage BAGS away in the attic. Yes, I said 5, oversized, overstuffed, over flowing garbage bags shoved in my attic… and even all that was done with a huge crying fit.

Every other month I would go in the attic and attempt to clean it out, offer to take my son to a children’s hospital or where ever he chose so he could donate the stuffed animals to kids in need . . . again (even though he didn’t play with them anymore) he still cried. After awhile I gave up trying.

I found your book at a local library and decided to give it a try. I am SO glad that I did!! Not only did I get rid of 16 garbage bags full of stuff in our house, so far… but the stuffed animal container idea completely worked without any tears or arguments!!!

My son got rid of 5 garbage bags full and kept enough to fill a SMALL tote that is staying in the attic! He even, on his own, went thru and took down the hanging chain of stuffed animals and included them AND only left 2 stuffed animals on his bed instead of the 5!!!

I am so proud of him and better yet, he was SO proud of himself!!!

Thank You So Much for writing this book!!!

If you’re not sure what the Container Concept is, check these out:



Getting Control of An Overflowing Stuffed Animal Collection Containerize Declutter at ASlobComesClean.com


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