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I know you’re in the mood to declutter because you are reading this post.

If you’re anything like me, inspiration more-often-than-not translates into huge bursts of determination.

And then I crash and burn.

Build momentum. This means starting small. Y’know, the easy stuff.

I know how it is. You’re inspired to declutter, so you determine that today is the day you will finally decide whether you will try to have more children. You’ve fretted over the boxes and tubs full of baby clothes in the attic long enough. It’s time to make this huge, monumental, life-altering decision.

Today is NOT that day. If that’s the first decluttering decision you attempt to make after reading this, you’re almost certainly doomed to failure. Big, daunting decluttering decisions can stop even Normal People in their tracks.

Start with the visible stuff. Work your way through everyday spaces that need to be made more livable.

As you do this, you’ll become more comfortable with the skill of identifying clutter.

And naming clutter.

And parting with clutter.

You’ll enjoy the space left behind when clutter is gone. You’ll see the value in that space, and eventually you’ll find that you value space more than some of the things that caused your heart to ache.

Decluttering decisions get easier.

I feel ever-so-much less angst now than I once did. But I’ve been living a lifestyle of decluttering for a long time now. My attitude toward stuff has changed.

I’ve let go of things I once thought I’d never purge.

Experience one tiny decluttering success right now. Maybe three by the end of today.

Declutter something else tomorrow. Or next week.

As you gain momentum, you’ll be able to declutter more easily.

Not easily. Just more easily.


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