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As I prepare to take some time off to spend Christmas with my family and also be ready for the biggest decluttering week of the year, I thought I’d share some of the most frantically searched posts and podcasts on the blog at this time of year.

They’re all about . . . guests.

Because if there’s anything that strikes panic in the heart of someone who struggles with everyday mess, it’s the thought of people seeing that mess.

Two Weeks until Christmas Are You Ready at

Need to Wrap Your Brain Around What to Do?

Here are some blog posts that will give you a game plan for being ready for guests. Some are for specific areas and some are for Whole House Overhauls.

How to Clean a Messy House . . . and Get It Ready for Guests! (with a Printable Checklist)

One Hour Until the Doorbell Rings?? Here’s a plan!

Detailed Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

Printable Cleaning Checklists

Want to listen while you work?

Here are some podcasts:

How to Clean a Messy House Podcasts – Part One and Part Two

2 Week Plan for Getting Ready for Guests (Podcast) – Part One and Part Two

60 Minutes to Guest (Podcast)

Need a Detailed Guide?

14 Days to Opening Your Front Door to Guests is available as an e-book and is a detailed, day by day plan to be ready to open your front door. It is created to be adjustable for whatever amount of time you have available and whatever your mess level.


Two Weeks until Christmas Are You Ready declutter organize clean at

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