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5 steps declutter and daily tasks manage your home reader story at aslobcomesclean.com

I love this message I received recently SO MUCH!!! Y’all, it is possible to make real progress and change in your home. I hope it encourages you, too!

I want to say thank you … “Do your dishes” works!

My back story. I am a hoarder. I hit rock bottom when my landlord wanted to install a fire extinguisher. He told me I needed to clean up or he would be forced to call public health and they would evict me. He said he wanted to work with me and if I could get the work done he would replace the flooring and paint the whole apartment. After 3 days of being ruthless and bagging garbage and putting the stuff I was keeping in totes, I called a company to clear all the junk and rip up the carpets and under pads.

My landlord arranged for a cleaning company to deep clean walls, ceiling and floors and the bathroom. Then the renovations started…

Keep in mind I had never heard of A Slob Comes Clean .

Because people were coming in daily, I had to make sure the dishes were done and the kitchen was clean. I had to make sure the bathroom was clean and I made my bed daily. Renovations took about two months, so I was forced to do these tasks daily…

I don’t know how you popped in my news feed but I clicked on your video on the 5 Steps to Declutter without Making a Mess. Then I clicked on the Dailies video. I couldn’t believe I was doing the dailies for two months.

When I was ready to clean out my totes I used your trash, donate, put it away now method because your 5 dailies were spot on,  so this must be too. Well I’m happy to say everything thing is put away. I threw out 2 bags of trash, donated 2 full totes and 12 empty totes.

My landlord bought me a new refrigerator, 3 new window coverings and added a beautiful wall unit with lots of storage (not even 1/2 full) for my living room.

You have introduced me to Dawn from the Minimal Mom who makes me know I can declutter even more things I don’t need.

I’m not quite ready to organize but when I’m ready, I’ll definitely look for help from Cas and her ClutterBug theories.

Even though my apartment is decent I signed up for TYHB. I’m looking forward to the All-Day Declutter in May to tweak some things.

  • Dishes less than 10 minutes and I hand wash .
  • Bathroom 5 minutes
  • Sweep, Mop and Dust 10 minutes

Clean the whole place less than 30 minutes!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

If you’re interested in finding out more about the Take Your House Back course that I do with Dawn and Cas, go here. Or if you already know you want to sign up, go here.

daily tasks and 5 step method decluttering secret to managing your home reader story at ASlobComesClean.com

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