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I lived this excuse for a very long time. As long as I wasn’t fully “settled” and knew I would one day live in another home, I felt the need to keep things. Surely, my next home would have a space for that.

And obviously, if I had a bigger home, I’d be organized . . .


Because of this mindset, I don’t remember much about my college dorm room other than clutter.

When I lived alone in a one-room apartment, I answered the door by opening it just enough to peek out.

I didn’t want anyone to see the mess inside.

Our newlywed apartment included a table that was 75% covered in stuff at all times. Boxes lined the walls and an entire room full of stuff waited to eventually be moved into a “real” home.

Once we moved into our first house, I realized how much excess we had, but it was so hard to pare down. It was in our third house (our forever house), that I no longer had an excuse. That’s where I hit rock-bottom and started my deslobification process.

I’m not big on worrying about stuff that’s over and can’t be changed. But . . . if I had it to do over again . . . I would have LIVED in whatever space I had at the moment.

This is my goal for the rest of my life. Live where I am. Not for where I may be someday.

You might need a bigger house. Or maybe you just have things you don’t actually need in the house where you are living right now.

Once I started really decluttering, my house didn’t seem too small anymore.


If you want to declutter but you’re totally overwhelmed, check out my book: Decluttering at the Speed of Life. It’s available wherever books are sold in whatever format you prefer (paperback, digital, audio).

It is thorough. It isn’t intimidating. It’s written by someone who totally understands how you feel and to whom this stuff does NOT come naturally.

Me. I’m talking about me. The same me who wrote this post so you already know I’m not kidding when I say decluttering doesn’t come naturally to me.

There’s also a ton of information available for free here on the site including blog posts, videos, and podcasts. Learn more here.

Do You Need a Bigger House decluttering at

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