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It’s the final day of the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle 2019. I’m sure many of you are SO READY for me to be done yakking about it. But I keep hearing from people who are so glad I have been talking about it because they’ve bought it and love it, so I’m giving it this final push.

The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle

I’m sharing some questions I’ve received lately, along with my honest answers. While $29.97 is a shockingly low price for more than 100 digital products valued at more than $2200, $29.97 is still a chunk of change for this cheapskate, so I understand the skepticism some people experience.

The idea of getting more than a hundred things overwhelms me. What if I don’t use it all? 

First, don’t plan to use it all. I’m giving you permission to pick and choose and be okay with getting double the value. If you can get $60 worth of value out of the bundle, that’s awesome. You’ve still gotten a great deal. At the end of this post, I’ll link to the posts I’ve written talking about specific products (decluttering-focused products, printable chore charts, cleaning checklists, etc. and crafty stuff) in which I share the values of just the products I feature in those posts. Each “value stack” I’ve shared has had a value of over $100.

Also, read this note I received this morning, and learn from her:

I just got the Ultimate Bundle. I got it last year and didn’t use it, simply because of the overwhelm. I felt like it was such a good deal I shouldn’t waste any of it because I *might* need something. Which left me using nothing.
This year I gave myself permission to not download everything just in case. I took Dana’s advice and am only downloading stuff I know I will use.

And I’m using the decluttering principles.

I started with the easy, no/low decision stuff. Downloadable content (PDFs and ZIPs) first. I’m going category by category, downloading the stuff I know I want. If I’m not sure on something, I open it and glance at it. Then I either close the window or save it to my bundled folder. It is so freeing to not feel like I HAVE to use everything.

Looking forward to getting and checking out the UHB… just wondering what’s your opinion on the UHB Cheat Sheets? Thanks!

If you haven’t clicked over to see the sales page for the bundle, you won’t know what she’s talking about. I haven’t mentioned the Cheat Sheets. Basically, you can buy the bundle, or you can buy the bundle with “cheat sheets” for each product.

Here was my answer:

As a cheapskate, I’d say no.

They are great, and are like Cliffnotes for each item giving highlights and summaries to help you decide if it’s something you should download.

Yes, they are helpful, especially if you’re not sure you want to sign up for courses you might not use just to see what they’re like, but it doesn’t bother me to sign up for a course and glance through it quickly to see if it’s something I like.

I think they’re very helpful, but not necessary. If the $29.97 price already makes you gulp, skip them.

What if I buy it and then hate it? 

So technically, no one has asked this question. But I can imagine many people have thought it. Ultimate Bundles offers a 100% happiness guarantee. If you buy the bundle and realize you won’t use any of the products, you can email [email protected] to ask for a full refund. That’s also the email address you use if you run into a snag while ordering.

I did hear this from one of you who had trouble ordering a few days ago.

Thank you for putting me in touch with Customer Service at The Ultimate Homemaking Bundles. They were extremely patient and kind. We figured out the trouble was totally me using the internet on my work computer to try to buy. At home I had no trouble at all. I’m excited to dig into each item!!

I just want to thank you for the support you provide me and the other fans!  I am wanting to know how I can support you. I was wondering if you have received a lot of people purchasing the bundle?  Or do you need more patreons for the  podcast?

Honestly, this one makes me want to cry. Happy cry. I absolutely love how this crazy thing called “the internet” allows for real relationships to form, and I feel weird and warm and fuzzy and awkward knowing that people want to support what I do for a living.

Here’s my honest answer:

This is so kind of you to ask! Honestly, I wouldn’t want you to do anything that wouldn’t bring you value personally. So, my answer would be to decide what benefits you’d like to have. Do you long for community with others who listen to the podcast and are working to apply my strategies in their homes? And support one another with understanding that it’s a long process with a lot of failure? Then Patreon  would be great for you.

If the products I’ve featured in the Ultimate Bundle have piqued your interest, then I think you’ll be happy you got it. There really is some cool stuff in there.

A little more on this. I seriously don’t want you spending money on something you don’t need. I hope you know that about me and it helps you trust that I really do believe in this product I’m pushing so hard. I can’t even count the number of things I refuse to put in front of you because I don’t believe in them.

I do appreciate so much that so many of you use these bundles each year as an opportunity to “support” what I do here. It makes me happy that you can support me while also getting real, helpful value for yourself.

If you’re ready to check out the bundle, go here. 
If you know you want the bundle and want to skip to the purchase page, click here.

Here are posts I’ve written about specific products in the bundle:

And don’t forget that I’ve also shared the various decluttering resources which include my video course, The 5 Day Clutter Shakedown. My course is normally $40, so if it’s the only product you use, the 29.97 price tag is still a good deal. Go here to read about how those decluttering resources might seal the deal for you.

I shared products from the Decor and Creativity category that you might like here.

And if you’re feeling confused about what in the world The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle is, I explain it here. 

Go here to see an inside-the-bundle explanation showing how to use it once you purchase (or if you’ve already purchased) it.

If you’re ready to grab your bundle, go here!



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