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How to Clean a Cricut Cutting Mat (Light)

Cricut cutting mats are sticky, but they don’t remain sticky forever. Typically, a Cricut mat lasts for about 50 uses before they start to wear out. However, with the right Cricut cutting mat cleaning tips, you can make your mat last longer. 

That said, there are various ways you can clean a Cricut mat. Depending on your tools, you can clean a Cricut mat using different methods. 

Here are the methods you can use to clean a Cricut mat with light debris: 

Use a Scraper Tool 

This method is especially useful when dealing with large debris. If you don’t have a plastic Cricut scraper tool, old plastic cards are fine alternatives. To use the scraper tool, you just have to pass the tool over the Cricut mat’s surface to scrape out any debris that’s on it. 

Use a Sticky Lint Roller 

A great way to clean a Cricut mat is by running a sticky lint roller over its surface. The lint roller picks up leftovers from the cutting process, be it pieces of paper, silver, or glitter that might have stuck on the mat. Plus, this method is also safe on pink Cricut fabric mats! 

Use Baby Wipes

This method is pretty convenient since most homes have baby wipes. However, before you use baby wipes, you would want to ensure there are no pieces of paper on the mat. Hence, you will have to use either a sticky lint roller or a plastic scraper to remove paper-related debris. 

Here is how to clean a Cricut mat with baby wipes without causing any damage to the mat’s adhesive. 

Step 1: Make circular motions on the mat’s surface with alcohol-free and bleach-free baby wipes. 

Step 2: Be gentle with the pressure you apply and be careful not to rub the adhesive off

Step 3: Leave the mat out to air dry. 

Note: Don’t dry your Circut mat with heat as it can damage it. Also, using a towel to dry your mat might lead you back to a messy mat with all the loose wool it will leave behind.

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