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How to clean a grill top

If you prefer to use a flat grill top rather than cooking on the rack itself, you’ll find you have a larger area to clean. You also risk getting food burned onto the top if the temperature is too high. Grease can also build up on a flat grill top and create a fire hazard. But don’t worry! Our cleaning Pros know how to handle any task and get your grill top looking as good as new in no time.

Before you clean…

  • Use a spatula to remove as much grease as possible from the grill top
  • Next, wipe the grill top down with paper towels, this will absorb the last of the grease and remove any excess food

Next, use one of these methods to clean the grill top.

Steam cleaning a grill top

One of the best cleaners is simple steam. Heat the grill top until very hot, and then pour water onto it. Be sure to stand back to avoid scalding yourself, and don’t throw the water, as you risk splashing. Use a grill brush to scrub the grill top when the water is hot. Repeat as necessary until the grill top is clean.

Cleaning a grill top with vinegar

White vinegar is an excellent cleaner for almost any surface. Make a 50/50 mix of white vinegar and water, and spray it onto a hot grill. Be sure to stand back and avoid the steam. Use a grill brush to loosen any debris, and keep spraying and brushing until the surface of the grill is covered with what looks like black tar. At this point, turn off the grill and pour more of the vinegar and water solution on the grill. Use the brush to loosen and remove the residue.

Using salt to clean a grill top

Salt is abrasive, and that makes it a great cleaner. It’s also absorbent, so it can help soak up any spills and residues. Simply sprinkle the grill generously with salt. If the grill was warm, allow it to cool. Then use a grill brush to remove any debris. The salt adds extra scouring power that really helps! For an extra cleaning boost, use half a lemon as a sponge to scrub the grill. The mix of lemon juice and salt will cut through grease in no time.

Cleaning a grill top with dish soap

Plain dish soap is designed to make short work of greasy residues, so it’s a great cleaner to use on your grill top. Let the grill top cool, then use a sponge to apply soapy water to the grill. Then rinse the grill top with plain water to remove any traces of soap.

How to use a grill brick to clean a grill top

Grill bricks are designed to remove oil from grill tops, and they’re valuable tools for people who cook on grill tops regularly. A brick is made from pumice stone, and it won’t absorb any grease or odors, meaning it can be used over and over. The best way to use a grill brick is to heat the grill top gently, then pour on a small amount of neutral oil. Use the grill brick to blend the oil with any dirt and residue, moving in a circular direction to prevent marking the grill top. Once the debris has lifted, turn off the heat and when cool, use paper towels to remove the oil.

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