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Organizing and decluttering are two different things.


While “getting organized” is on everyone’s To Do List, it often gets pushed to the bottom. When I look at a space that’s overflowing with who-knows-what, I get overwhelmed.

Organizing is problem-solving. Decluttering is decision-making. Each is daunting. Together they can be too much.

If my goal is to organize, I head to the store for tubs and dividers and baskets. I dream about all my stuff staying neat and orderly for the rest of my existence.

But by the time I get home from the store, I’m tired. And someone needs help with homework and everyone needs to eat dinner. So I shove the baskets and boxes somewhere and leave them for another time.

And my home is even more cluttered than before.

Don’t get me wrong. Baskets are wonderful and Organized People use them. But separating organizing and decluttering into two separate tasks offers freedom.

Freedom to focus on getting rid of what I can’t handle. Freedom to not have to solve problems.

Freedom to not stress over finding an arrangement that will be a sustainable solution for my family for the rest of our lives.

Aaaaaahhhh. Permission granted to JUST DECLUTTER.

The beauty of separating these two tasks is that simply decluttering makes a space feel comparatively organized. Removing the unnecessary stuff gives living space to the things you do need. Really. It’s amazing.

I talk more about NOT getting organized in this podcast.

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