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Weighted blankets are getting popular these days. More people find it comfortable to sleep in them because of the amazing benefits they provide. They help reduce anxiety, insomnia, and stress and make sleeping super comfortable and enjoyable.

If you are one of those people, you might have been wondering how to get rid of the stains and dirt buildup on your weighted blanket after a long time. Well, this article is for you. Our pros have provided this guide to help you do it right.

Washing Instructions

Weighted blankets have different weights and are made of different materials. As a result, they require different washing instructions and techniques.

For example, blankets made from linen, wool, rayon, or silk should not be washed in a machine. So, you need to consider certain factors before you start washing your blanket.

Here are a few:

Weight of the blanket: Before you put your blanket in a washer, ensure that the machine can handle the size and weight of the blanket. If not, you should probably wash with your hands or take to a laundromat.

Blanket Fillers: Depending on the filling of your blanket, you should either hand wash, machine wash, or spot clean the fabric.

For example, blankets filled with organic materials like beans, rice, etc., should only be spot washed. Also, blankets that have sand as their fillers should be spot treated.

Material of the blanket: The material of a weighted blanket also determines the washing instructions. Blankets made from bamboo, cotton, or flannel can be washed in a machine, while those made from linen, wool, or silk are not machine washable.

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