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I am so excited to introduce my newest project: Speed of Life Decluttering Coaches! 

When I started sharing my deslobification process back in 2009, I never imagined I would one day help others get their homes under control. I love that my dream job of being a writer has given me the opportunity to share hope for those who are overwhelmed in their homes!

Blogging led to podcasting and book writing (my favorite) and video-making and speaking and I love it all.

The thing that was missing was help for those who need someone to come into their homes and guide them through the decluttering process. But that isn’t missing anymore!

I now have people to recommend to those who need personal coaching but are scared to hire someone who won’t understand them.

I have wanted to create a certification program for decluttering coaches for YEARS. Seriously, I know the people who’ve heard me talk about it over and over and over thought it wouldn’t ever actually happen.

But it did! Speed of Life Decluttering Coaches is now a thing! A totally real thing! There are more than ten coaches listed on the site (and many more are going through the training) and I’m giddy that they are worldwide! So far, we have coaches in Nevada, Massachusetts, Belgium, England, Virginia, Colorado, Ohio, Michigan, Utah, and Nebraska. And most of the coaches also offer coaching online, so you can get help no matter where you live! 

What does it mean to be a Speed of Life Decluttering Coach?

The coaches listed on my website have successfully completed my Decluttering Coach Training Course. With each section of that course, there are assessments to show they understand the content and the process and the unique needs of clients who are overwhelmed by the decluttering process. (You can see the sections of the course they went through here.)

Once they have successfully completed the course, they can be certified Speed of Life Decluttering Coaches. This means they get ongoing support through additional trainings by me and from other coaches who use these methods.

Coaches aren’t clones of me. They all have their own style, but if they are certified (only certified coaches are listed on the site), they agree to use my five step decluttering process when a client asks them to. Many use it all the time, but they aren’t required to only use my methods, so be sure to ask if that is important to you.

Go check out the coaches! I am so giddy about the clickable map feature!

Have you thought about becoming a decluttering coach? We’d love to have you! Go check out the training course! 


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