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March 11, 2022

Hello and happy Friday! How has your week gone? Anyone else can’t believe that it is Friday already? 

This week I came across some fun links for you. I am waiting for our bananas to be just right for a batch of delicious banana bread snack cake from Let’s Dish Recipes. I have my eye on a couple of the sweet stems and sprigs that Chris Loves Julia shared and there may be a new cookbook coming my way thanks to Modern Mrs. Darcy’s recommendation. If you are looking for a trusty and hard working all purpose cleaner, look no further than the all purpose cleaners that I shared on my blog this week. There are two variations for all your surfaces and cleaning needs.

Here is a little known fact about me: I can’t stand bananas. I never have loved them straight from the peel and will do anything to avoid eating one. That being said, I do love banana bread. I know, kind of weird! This banana snack cake recipe looks absolutely delicious and the perfect after school snack to make with all those lingering bananas.

via Let’s Dish 

When an early March snowstorm came our way this week, my desire for Spring hit me a little harder. Perhaps that is why these faux spring stems and sprigs from Chris Loves Julia are extra eye-catching. 

via Chris Loves Julia


My love for cookbooks runs deep. While I love using the internet for recipes, I still prefer holding a cookbook, paging through it and tabbing all the recipes. Modern Mrs. Darcy shared some of her favorites and I was happy to see a couple new-to-me ones.  ps- You can peep my cookbooks here.

via Modern Mrs. Darcy

Ready for two of the easiest but most effective DIY cleaners you can find? I shared one of my most used and beloved cleaners on my blog this week, a trusty and hardworking all-purpose spray with two formulas. Perfect for spring cleaning!

DIY All-Purpose Cleaner – Perfect for Spring Cleaning

What is on the horizon for you this weekend?

A couple Clean Mama items you won’t want to miss!

If you haven’t had a chance to join me yet for another round of spring cleaning, be sure to do so! I kicked off a new way to spring clean with a brand-new free kit.

There’s ONE Homekeeping Planner cover style left and it’s marked down (save it for the sale next week or grab it now!). It’s the LACE cover – a warm gray and neutral planner – my favorite! Grab it here.

Need a Whole Home Reset? Grab it here today!


Are you going to join me in The One Bag Quick Declutter for 2022? Every month on the 11th (you pick whatever day works for you), I’m going to do a quick declutter to ensure that I’m really getting down to a simpler home. Join me!  Go to this post for more info and the free printable.

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