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Did you miss out on grabbing the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle when it was available in the spring? You’re in luck, because Monday and Tuesday (November 5th and 6th) it is available as a flash sale!

If you are excited to see this because you missed it in April, click here to go directly to the bundle to check it out. If you have no idea what I’m talking about (or need a reminder), keep reading.

Confused? The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle is a collection of 129 digital products. Included are 62 eBooks, 34 printable packs and workbooks, 3 membership sites, 30 eCourses, videos and audios.

For a limited time, they are packaged together for 29.97, though the value of all the products together (if purchased individually) is $3687.47. The main sale ran months ago, but the team who puts the products together into a bundle has opened up this “flash sale” to run for two days. After the flash sale, these specific products will not be grouped together again. Next year’s sale will have different products.

Remember: No one needs 129 digital products!

Even though these aren’t physical products to clutter your home, 129 digital things to sift through can be completely overwhelming.

So to help you know if this limited-time deal is a good value for you personally, I wrote several posts during the bundle sale in April that break down what I consider to be the most useful products, their values, and how that adds up to make spending 29.97 a no-brainer.

For me. For you it might be different. So I explain in this post how to look through and add up the values of the items that interest you.

Value breakdowns (all according to my own opinion of value):

And . . . , the audio book version of my own e-book, Giving God the Worst of Me, is included.

I also wrote a post about how to actually use the bundle once you get it. Because again, 129 products can be overwhelming and you most definitely don’t need to download them all.

Ready to check it all out? Go here.


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