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I’m so sorry, but this sale is gone forever! It’s such a great deal because it’s only available for such a limited time. Sign up for my newsletter so you don’t miss it when things like this come around!

It’s back for a 48 hour Flash Sale! October 1st and 2nd only!

This post has my affiliate links in it!

Every year, I share and then overshare some more about the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle of the year. Each year has different products, so I make it my mission to look at them, assess whether they might make the cost of the bundle ($29.99) worth it for you, and do my best to be sure I’ve put out the info in as many places as I possibly can to avoid the emails I hate getting every year from someone who claims they had no idea this limited time deal was running and missed out.

This year, the sale got pushed to summer, and even though I’ve been taking summers off from working for about 8 years now, I tried.

But this particular week has been rough. I have a senior who graduated/will graduate/might graduate this year.

I mean, he’s done. He is “out of high school” and is leaving for college in about six weeks. But who knows at this point if graduation is actually going to happen. It’s scheduled for this week, finally. But two out of three graduation-related events have now been cancelled so who in the world knows.

I’m rambling. I know a weird-even-if-it-happens graduation is pretty much nothing compared to what many of you have been experiencing in the midst of the pandemic and world events.

I just don’t know how else to say that I don’t have it in me to go all out on this bundle. But I might as well let you in on the work I have already done so far. Just know it will be very minimal.

As a quick reminder, here’s what the bundle is: 51 digital resources (e-books, online courses, printables, etc.) are bundled together to run on sale for a short period for a lot less (like 90something% less) than they’d cost if you bought them all individually. Instead of $1298.41, which is the value of all the products added up, you’d only pay $29.99 for this week only. (Through Friday, the 26th.)

But you don’t need all the resources. So it’s not a “deal” unless you need enough of them to make it a deal.

I wrote about the basics of deciding if it’s a deal for you in this post.

I believe the number one value in this bundle, for my audience, is the selection of printables. Planners, checklists and such. There are a lot of great options of printables, and I talked about them in detail in this post.

Here’s what else I’ve got to hopefully help you make your decision. Just don’t forget: the bundle is available only this week, June 22 – June 26, 2020.

Around the World Stories – 10 audio stories – worth $38

I was excited to see this! I’d heard about this company on a podcast and it was so interesting to me. The family travels the world and supports themselves by writing and producing fictional audio stories based in various countries. I hadn’t checked them out, though, because I’m cheap and don’t actually have kids the target age of their audience. So yay for ten stories being included in the bundle! This product is technically a “bonus” so look for it in that section.

Also, just that product alone is valued at a cost higher than the bundle itself!

Work Yourself Out of a Job Household Chore Templates & Checklists (Printable) by Erin Odom $22.50
A packet of cleaning cheat sheets and checklists to help parents teach their children how to clean various rooms around their home. 

These checklists were cool, but don’t think I’d pay $22.50 for this product on its own. There are example checklists you could use, but they are VERY specific, like down to the author’s exact washing machine knobs.

But the best feature of this is that there are editable ones so you could use her checklists as a model and then make pretty checklists for your unique situation.

Homemaking Bundle Trello Tracking Board (eCourse) by Kristi, Paperless Boss $11.00
Track all the products and associated information in your bundle purchase electronically AND on the go!

I know people who claim Trello has changed their organizing life. I do use Trello (it’s a free digital system I don’t have time to explain), but haven’t reached the life-change stage with it yet. This is a course to help you organize your bundle purchase using Trello, which could be a good way to learn Trello’s ins and outs.

Quick Start Guide to Water Bath Canning (eBook) by Victoria Pruett $7.50
Learn to water bath can jam, jelly, pie filling, salsa, pickles, and more!

This is an e-book, and is basic, but I like that! Clear and step by step instructions for something I’ve always wanted to do! 


I know this is less information than I usually share on the bundle. Sorry. But I do believe that the products I talked about in this post earlier this week are the ones that could make it worth the expense for my audience. I recommend you use my descriptions of those products to help you make your decision.

Go here to check out all the products in the bundle. Add up the value of the products you’d like to have and see if it makes sense for you to spend $29.99 on it.

Sorry, not sorry.

Go here to get the bundle (or just find out more)!


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