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I’ve had multiple requests for virtual speaking events recently, so I wanted to put this out there for those of you who might not realize I do things like this!

I’m speaking for a national business’s “Virtual Happy Hour” this week, and just scheduled another moms’ group.

I know this is a strange time for groups, as we’re trying desperately to stay connected. Bringing in a professional speaker is great for motivating people to show up to your online meeting or event!

I think you’ll be surprised about how many people get pumped up about the subject of decluttering. I know it always surprises me! And with so many of us being home more these days than we ever have before, decluttering strategies that allow you to make progress in any amount of time without ever making a bigger mess (no matter how overwhelmed you feel), are relevant to us all.

Types of Events Where I Speak:

Library Events – Learning decluttering strategies directly from an author is a great angle for people who love books!

Business Events – Concrete strategies for removing the clutter from your home and your office (especially if they’re one and the same) is great for mental health and for productivity.

Church Events – Women are struggling in their homes, feeling overwhelmed and alone. Practical decluttering strategies from someone who truly understands will meet this felt need.

Moms’ Groups – Keeping the house under control while the kids are little is a challenge. Decluttering strategies that allow you to make progress in small amounts of time help moms gain hope for these fun, but exhausting, years.

Senior Citizens’ Clubs and Organizations – Those who planned to “get organized” once they retired often learn that it doesn’t happen as easily as they thought it would. Concrete strategies to declutter years’ worth of stuff are what’s needed to get going.

If your group doesn’t fit this list, let me know. I can always come up with an angle that works, since everyone everywhere has to declutter.

If you’d like to discuss having me speak to your group, email me at aslobcomesclean @ gmail . com (with the spaces removed).

And . . . a virtual event is cheaper for you because you won’t have to cover travel costs!


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