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Have I ever officially introduced you to Scruffy? No? Well then, meet Scruffy.


As a Swiffer ambassador, I’ve been asked to share my pet adoption story. OK, fine. I guuueeesss I don’t mind talking about my baby dog.

Four years ago, on my daughter’s 8th birthday, we met Scruffy.

We’d been looking everywhere for the right dog for our family and as soon as I saw her picture on a humane society website for a town a little over an hour away, I knew she was the one.

When the volunteer brought her out to meet us, he said “she really doesn’t like to be held.” We still wonder what in the world he was talking about. Scruffy loves being held.

My husband says they could have brought out an alligator and we’d have wanted to bring it home. She wasn’t exactly the cutest thing back then as far as traditional dog beauty goes. But we thought she was awesome.

And she has been awesome. The perfect addition to our family.

A Few Facts About Scruffy:

We were told she is a “terrier mix.” We’ve since been told that “terrier mix” is code for “who knows” in the world of adopted pets.

The HSNT (Humane Society of North Texas) estimated that she’d be around 20 pounds. She’s 9 pounds. Since my daughter desperately wanted a “baby-sized dog,” this has worked out perfectly.

Scruffy is an amazing doorbell. Not the least bit scary, but truly gifted at alerting us when someone is (or might be) coming to our door. Unfortunately, she is equally gifted at letting us know a neighbor is out on a walk or a squirrel has jumped to a new branch in a tree in our front yard.

Scruffy isn’t an amazing vacuum cleaner alternative. While she’ll gladly gobble bread or bacon, she turns up her nose at almost anything else. It’s a little embarrassing when the nice man at the pharmacy drive thru offers her a treat and she sniffs it and walks to the other side of the car.

But even though she doesn’t rock clean up duty, we’re thrilled to have her. I’m a huge fan of my kids growing up with a dog. While siblings experience rivalry and irritation, Scruffy is always each kid’s very best friend. No matter what else is going on and how snippy someone feels, talking to Scruffy brings out soft words and snuggles.

So what does this have to do with Swiffer? Well, having spent time with the people who actually design the Swiffer products over the past few years, I can say that the people at Swiffer LOVE LOVE LOVE pets. Really, it’s a company value to consider the unique needs of pet owners, support pet adoptions and to make cleaning easier specifically so that people can enjoy their pets more.

Here’s one thing that’s almost guaranteed when you adopt a dog of unknown origin: #shedhappens. We guessed that Scruffy wouldn’t be a bigtime shedder, and she isn’t. But at certain times of year, she definitely leaves a trail of pet hair wherever she goes.

Shedding is a legitimate concern for pet owners, and Swiffer is passionate about helping you deal with that mess as easily as possible so you can focus on enjoying your pet. The Swiffer Sweeper’s dry cloth has deep ridges and grooves that conform to the surface of your floor to TRAP + LOCK dirt, dust and hair.

Yay for not just pushing the pet hair around!

I’d love to hear about your pets! Tell me the story of how he/she/they joined your family!

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