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I was recently privy to a conversation between my podcast listeners as they listed off their favorite episodes that they listen to again and again.

I find it fascinating to hear which podcasts resonate with listeners. Since they’re generally based on whatever has been banging around in my brain the week I record them, I love knowing they’re helpful.

These are just the ones from the conversation. If you listen to my podcast and have a favorite helpful episode, mention it in the comments for others who might need similar encouragement.

If you’ve never listened to a podcast, the easiest way to start is to just go to the blog post linked below and hit the gray “play” button arrow. If your sound is on, you’ll hear my voice coming out of your computer.

Podcast 7 – Containers and Limits and How They’ll Change Your Life

Podcast 23 – Dishwashing Strategies and Tips

Podcast 129 – Natural Tendencies: Working WITH and AGAINST Them

Podcast 133 – Mom Guilt

Podcast 136 – Catching Up and Moving Forward

Podcast 143 – Changing My Brain vs Changing My Thoughts

Podcast 156 – First Sign of Fizzle

Podcast 158 – How Long Should I Spend on My House Each Day?

Podcast 183 – Decluttering The Whole Messy House

Podcast 194 – Stop “Stuff Shifting” and Actually Declutter

Podcast 249 – How to Clean Your Bedroom

Podcast 235 – Decluttering Purposeful (and Accidental ) Storage Spaces

Podcast 244 – The Basics: Getting Started or Getting Back

Podcast 251 – What’s Working for Me Right Now

2 Week Plan for Getting Your House Ready for Guests Part One and Part Two

And then there are these. My very first six episodes from 2013. Back when I just started talking into a microphone and putting out a podcast even though I’d never actually listened to a podcast before. I love knowing they’re still helpful.  Just know that I was figuring it out as I went along.

My “Slob Story”

  • Episode 1 – includes How to Start Getting Your House Under Control (Even When You’re Overwhelmed)
  • Episode 2 – includes How to Get Started Decluttering
  • Episode 3 – includes How Much Stuff Can You Handle?
  • Episode 4 – includes The First of (Only Two) Decluttering Questions
  • Episode 5 – (Admitting I was/am a slob) and The Second Decluttering Question
  • Episode 6 – (Why I’m So Glad I Called Myself a Slob) Don’t Get Organized. Just Declutter!


Podcast Episodes Recommended Listening for Cleaning and Decluttering at

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