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I love this message from Peggy, and I’m so thankful she was willing to let me share it with you! Peggy has made so much progress in her  home as she works through the Take Your House Back course. 

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Hi Dana!

I just wanted to write and thank you so much for all that you and Cas and Dawn have meant to me in the past few months. I have always been a very messy person, and a very untidy… I guess that’s a good word… Housekeeper! At the age of 63 I finally understand and get it. You all have helped me.

When I read your biography, I related to you very much. Your videos really touched home with me, and your methods made so much sense. I recently had family in for Christmas, and watched your videos on preparing for company.  To my surprise, I didn’t have to do very much at all! Everything was mostly done!

I was looking at my house this morning and marveling that it was mine! My house? It never looked this orderly and clean.

TYHB Untidy to Orderly reader testimony before after 1 at aslobcomesclean.com (1)

Here are a couple of pictures as an example. This is my craft room/guestroom. . . This is an example of my whole house!

TYHB Untidy to Orderly reader testimony before after 2 at aslobcomesclean.com

I want to thank you so much for your faithfulness in following God’s call, and being open to helping so many… including me!


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