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Holiday cleaning schedule

2 weeks before Tidy up — it’s easier to clean a home that’s neat and orderly
Guest bedrooms — clean and prepare, including changing beds
Kitchen — deep-clean major appliances and wipe down cupboards
1 week before Kids’ bedrooms — declutter and make space for downtime
Master bedroom — you’ll need a sanctuary so make it cozy!
3 days before Hallways, entries, mudroom — clean and organize
Guest bathrooms — clean, stock, and change towels
Day before Dining room — clean room and set the table
Master bathroom — clean, stock, and change towels
Final cleaning — vacuum and dust level surfaces

It’s always easier to clean a home that’s already tidy, so before you break out the vacuum, walk around your home and put away anything that’s out of place. In the weeks before the holidays, keeping on top of clutter will make it easier to keep your home guest-ready at all times.

If you’re expecting guests to stay overnight, you can always prepare guest bedrooms ahead of time. Change the bedding, dust level surfaces, and vacuum the room. Then all you’ll have to do before they arrive is give the room a quick wipe-down to deal with any dust that settled over the previous weeks.

Catering the holidays brings its own headaches, but your kitchen doesn’t have to be one! A couple of weeks before your guests arrive, take the time to clean and wipe down your appliances. Not only will they look better, but they’ll work better too. A clean oven heats more efficiently, makes food taste better, and is better for your health

The kids are about to have an amazing time, but that can lead to an amazing amount of mess! A week before the big day, declutter their bedrooms to make way for new toys and give them a space to play quietly and decompress. Even older kids will appreciate the chance to unwind in their own space for a while.

It’s not just the kids that need the occasional break. Hosting guests over the holidays can be stressful, so make your bedroom a sanctuary. Vacuum, dust, change the linens, and give yourself a place to relax and unwind each evening.

The hall, entry, or mudroom is the first place your guests will see when they come into your home, but it’s often overlooked during a holiday cleaning session. A few days before guests arrive, vacuum, dust, wipe down the walls, and make sure visitors feel welcome the moment they step inside.

Make sure you don’t run out of TP by stocking up your guest bathrooms several days in advance. Change the towels, sweep the floors, and clean the toilet and sink.

On the big day, you don’t want to spend all your time cleaning. The day before, take the time to clean the dining room and set the table so all you have to do is eat.

One of the last places to clean before guests arrive is the master bathroom. Make plenty of clean towels available, ensure the cupboards are stocked, and give everything a thorough cleaning.

With everything almost ready for the holidays, do one final pass the night before. Pick up any clutter, dust level surfaces, and vacuum the floors. In preparation for Christmas morning, consider setting up a trash station to collect all the wrapping paper and other detritus. An old cardboard box, or just a trash bag placed in a nearby spot, can keep things under control and stop your hard work from going to waste.

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