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Sandy says:

Seven years ago, I got healthy and lost 30 pounds. I remember loading bags and bags of clothes that I had spent a lot of money on and carrying them to Goodwill. I felt bad about losing those clothes because I thought about how I had just purchased most of those clothes each week out of habit to shopping and having the next new thing. I was feeling so good with the weight loss and I vowed to never go down that rabbit hole and fill my closet to overflowing again. I made a few mistakes but with a closet less filled I began to notice what I wore: colors, style, etc. I am in a much better place there also these days. Good for you to inspire so many. My journey was nothing short of God given and I don’t take it for granted one day.Keep encouraging ladies. I remember going to a women’s Bible conference shortly after my weight loss and looking around. Almost every woman in that very large event was overweight. There has to be a way to help those ladies.

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