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The Ultimate Homemaking BundleFor the past seven years, I’ve shared the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle with you when it comes around each spring.

If you get it every year, go grab yours!!

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, keep reading!

Each year, a company called Ultimate Bundles arranges for a huge group of digital resources to be sold together at a huge discount for a limited time. This year, it’s from May 1st (today), through May 6th (Monday), 2019.

Each year, the resources that are included in the bundle are different. This year, my video course, The 5 Day Clutter Shakedown, is included in the bundle. The regular price of my course is $40, and the entire bundle is $29.97, so my course alone makes it a great deal!

The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle was the original bundle they offered, and proves to be the most popular every year.

The bundle includes products in the categories of home management, creativity and decor, parenting, kitchen, organization, work at home, and more.

It’s a win for those who purchase it because they get access to lots of digital courses, printables, e-books and more for a significant discount (even if they use fewer than 10% of the products) that they might love to have, but couldn’t afford individually.

Many products in the bundle, including mine, have a regular price that’s higher than the cost of the entire bundle.

It’s a win for those of us who create digital products that are included in the bundle because our messages are seen by a much bigger audience than we each have on our own.

So, what are the details for the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle for 2019?

  • Dates: Wednesday, May 1 at 8am ET to Monday, May 6 at 11:59pm ET
  • Price: $29.97
  • Value: 104 products worth $2,294.37
  • Contents: 30 eCourses & Videos, 28 eBooks, 25 printable packs, 16 workbooks, 3 summits & 2 membership sites.

How do you decide if it’s a good value for you personally?

How do you know you’ll get $29.97 worth of value out of it? Do the math. Go here and look through the products. 

You definitely don’t need 104 products. But you could probably get real value out of even just a few.

Jot down (or use the calculator on your computer to add up) the values of products that interest you. For the first go ’round, don’t analyze. Just add up the cost of any products that you’d put on your well-that-looks-interesting list.

I do this every year, and every year I’m amazed at how much the non-discounted products would cost if I were to buy them individually.

This year, on my first glance through the products, I marked $858.86 worth of products as ones that piqued my interest. 

Over this week, I’ll share some details about ones that I put on that list.

If you’re still not sure, go back through and find a small number of products that you feel confident you could (and would want to) use within the next week or month. Do those add up to more than $29.97?

If you aren’t going to use any of the products included, then you don’t need the bundle. But if you’d use enough that this bundle is officially a great deal for you, don’t miss out on it.

Here is a list of some of the products that interested me, though it isn’t the whole list of what I marked. I tried to list them all, but it was too overwhelming!

Creativity and Decor Category

  • Basic Hand Stitches eCourse by Angi Schneider ($17.00)
    A video based ecourse that will give you just what you need in order to start sewing by hand. With just these four basic stitches you’ll be on your way to being able to hand sew anything.
  • Brush Lettering 101 eCourse by Shelby Abrahamsen ($47.00)
    A self-paced course designed to teach lettering newbies what they need to get started and how to quickly grow their skills.
  • Embroidery for Beginners: The Basics eCourse by Morgan Roberts ($99.00)
    Learn how to embroider with this step-by-step video tutorial!
  • Hand Lettering: Greeting Words & Phrases for Cards & Notes Workbook by Viktoria Andersson ($27.00)
    Become a pro at drawing words & phrases that are commonly used in greeting cards & start creating cards for all your loved one’s today!
  • How To Choose Paint Colors For Your Home eBook by Jann Newton ($5.99)
    Jann Newton wants to help you take the guesswork out of choosing paint colors for your home.
  • How to Pick the Perfect Color Palette: For Adult Coloring, Art Projects, Graphic Design & More eCourse by JoDitt Williams ($24.00)
    A coloring book artist shares her secrets to choosing color palettes that wow… for coloring pages, art projects, websites, and more.
  • Quote Decor: Simply September Collection Printable by Lindsay Bartelt ($15.00) If you love quotes, then you’ll love “Quote Decor” Simply September Collection full of endless quotes perfect for decorating and free printables for easy download.
  • Redesign Your Home: An Interior Designer’s Secret Steps to Redesign your Space eCourse by Angela Block ($35.00)
    Offers a simple Designer’s step by step process on how to redecorate your room within an afternoon using what you already own, while learning how to plan and shop for new decor within your budget whether it is large or small!
  • Simply Home Sewn Workbook by Chelsea Briner ($9.99)
    Help make your home organized, comfy and handmade with the Simply Home Sewn ebook including 7 downloadable PDF sewing patterns.
  • Swaying with the Wind: a Charity Knitting Pattern Collection eBook by Nicole Haschke ($19.97)
    If you love to knit and want to use it to make a difference, this collection is what you need.

For Kids

  • Chore Board Printable Pack Printable by Jessica Evans ($10.00)
    Takes the battle out of daily and weekly tasks by neatly packaging them into a fun and straightforward contribution plan geared toward positivity and suitable for children of all ages!
  • Kids Sorted: 100+ Printables for a Calm and Happy Home Printable by Karen Schravemade ($59.00)
    A pack of practical, solution-focused printables to help bring calm and order to every area of life with kids.
  • Printable Educational Poster Bundle: Laundry Guidelines and Modern States & Capitals Printable by Sara Curtis ($12.00)
    Remind your children how to do laundry and help them remember their states & capitals with these beautiful educational art printables!

Home Management Category

  • How to Host a Crazy Profitable Garage Sale: A Step-by-Step Guide For Making the Most Money From Your Next Yard Sale eBook by Heather Behrends ($7.00)
    Designed to help you plan, organize, and execute your next garage sale so that you can make the most profit possible. Heather guides you step by step through the process so you don’t have to guess.
  • The 5 Day Clutter Shakedown eCourse by Dana K White ($40.00)
    Teaches you how to make visible decluttering progress (and never a bigger mess) in any amount of time you have to give.

In the Kitchen

  • Baking Supplies Pantry Labels: For a Beautifully Organized Kitchen Printable by Susan Santoro ($4.99)
    Five different styles, 3 different colors and one two-color combination give you 17 beautiful options for organizing your pantry.
  • Fabulously Festive Meal Planning and Food Storage Printable Pack by Susan Nelson ($17.00)
    Take the stress out of holiday and everyday meal planning, shopping and even food storage (no more throwing away unidentified food objects in your fridge!) with this meal planning and food storage mega pack.
  • The Humbled Homemaker’s Meal Planning Printables Bundle by Erin Odom ($4.99)
    This bundle comes with a two-week ALDI meal plan, an additional “7 Gluten-Free Dinners from ALDI” printable pack with recipes and shopping lists, and a printable weekly meal planner.


  • Christmas: Sorted! The Ultimate Planner & Support to Help you Enjoy Every Part of Christmas Printable by Chrissy Halton ($32.00) Chrissy wants to help you make planning Christmas a pleasure rather than a chore – and will help you every step of the way with this planner plus extras.
  • Get Organized HQ: 2018 Virtual Summit by Laura Smith ($49.00) Your one stop shop for all things organizing, planning, goal setting and more.
  • Habit Tracker Bundle Printable by Emily Bredeson ($7.00) Tracking small daily habits can make a big difference over the course of a few weeks, months, or even longer. This Habit Tracker Bundle includes worksheets to help you track your habits and watch your progress in a way that works for you.
  • Time Blocking 101 Workbook by Donna Shenk ($12.00) Shows you how to structure your time in a more efficient and effective way to help you get more done with less stress.


  • Guilt Free Guide to Summer: Your Fail-Proof Plan to a Summer with Kids You Can Feel Good About eCourse by JoAnn Crohn ($45.00)
    This course will help you create a summer plan that both YOU and your kids can look forward to.
  • Montessori Beginnings eCourse by Holly Daniel ($77.00)
    A 4 module online course to help you better understand Montessori, giving you the chance to grow independence, confidence and a lifelong love of learning in your toddler.
  • Online Safety Handbook: How to Safely Navigate Social Media & The Internet eBook by Corinne Roth ($9.99)
    Learn the Do’s & Dont’s of online safety. Includes reviews of 31 popular apps & hidden inappropriate content parents need to know about, and then follow step-by-step tutorials to create safe internet filters on devices and your home’s WiFi.
  • Ultimate Guide to Creating a Successful Playroom eBook by Amber Richcreek ($12.00)
    This book shows you how to create a play environment that helps your child play, learn, and even clean up independently.

Self Care

  • Bust Out of the Makeup Rut eCourse by Alison Lumbatis ($29.00)
    This class encourages you to get out of your makeup comfort zone, empowers you with step-by-step tutorials, and gives you printable shopping lists so you know exactly what to look for when you head to the store!
  • Texting Action Pack: Exercises to Ease Upper Body Pain and Tension eCourse by Jen Hoffman ($39.97)
    Learn simple exercises you can easily weave into your day to ease tension and build strength in the upper body.

Work at Home

  • Etsy Quickstart Guide: How to Start Selling on Etsy & Build a Sustainable Business eBook by Abby Banks ($19.99)
    A step-by-step plan for how to start selling on Etsy and grow it into a sustainable business.
  • Work at Home Trello Pack Templates by Amylee Udell ($11.99)
    Over 15 pre-formatted digital organizers to help you plan, track and manage every aspect of your home business.

Again, the list I have here is just a portion of what’s included. And there are other categories such as faith, parenting, and marriage.

Go here to check out what’s in the bundle this year and see if it’s a good value for you!

The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle


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