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Two Decluttering Questions Will This Strategy Really Work at

I loved this comment left last week on one of my most popular posts: How to Declutter Without Making a Bigger Mess.

I loved it so much that I wanted to share it here!

As someone who had failed SO MANY TIMES at decluttering, I totally understand her skepticism. And I love how excited she is to finally experience success! If you have resisted my “take it there now” strategy, try it anyway. If you’re convinced it couldn’t possibly make things better, give it a go.

I am so excited! About decluttering?? Yep! At least this new way of decluttering. I am a newbie with your mindset and methods, but have tried to declutter the ‘typical’ way for years and years. I’m also the one surrounded by sorting bins and keep boxes and put away boxes, and any other box label I think of at the time to procrastinate the process. And that mess would stay for weeks until I found another large chunk of time to work at it again. UGH! So after reading your book – well, no – after reading a few chapters, I had to try it.

My desk in my home office is always covered with stuff – papers, dropped off items, everything. With not a little skepticism, I tried the declutter by layers and the (thank you) just two questions. Oh my gosh!!! in about a half hour I had a clear desk and two trash bags – throw and donate. Plus I added quite a few steps to my fitbit as I asked the question of items “where would I look for you”.

Okay, one more test – the upstairs hall where I did the old method of empty out the sewing room (still not decluttered btw) into the upstairs hall where – no surprise – for two weeks the sewing room remained unfinished and the new mess in the hall made travel difficult. So I did the declutter by layers again and voila – an hour later the hall was cleared.

It’s like magic and makes so much sense. Thank you! Thank you! I literally look for even five minutes to work on the next step in my process of decluttering my house.

Magic and wonderful!


Decluttering Only Two Questions Will This Strategy Really Work at

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