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Use The Container Concept to Make Overwhelming Decisions at

I love this story from one of you! I completely agree that when things are overwhelming, letting the container make the tough decisions is so incredibly helpful.

Hi Dana, aka Nony-

I’ve been following you for awhile, and loving reading your emails and books, listening to your podcasts and watching your videos– and laughing at your wonderful sense of humour and marvelling at your ability to show who you are and your struggles to get order out of chaos, while raising a family 🙂

I raised a family of four, who are now wonderful, independent adults, while moving every 1-6 years around the US and around the world. I have gone through my stuff so many times, and suffered gut wrenching times of leaving so much behind. Being a foreign service family I’ve always known that there may be a time to evacuate in 24 hours, and take only what I can carry.

It has been suddenly become very real. With the current “situation” going on in pretty much every country, and borders closing, sheltering in place orders, etc, we may be on short notice to get “back home” within a day or so.

I had been thinking, “How do I know what to take? What do I leave?” and suddenly I thought, “Wait, I can use the container concept!”

I have only so many suitcases I can take on a plane, so I’ll just pick and choose until they’re full, and then that’s it.

Makes it much easier.

I pray we all make it through this stronger and closer to God!

Thanks so much!

P.S. The first step in my packing to evacuate is getting order in my home. A quick decluttering of visible messes so I can see what I need to pack. And that gives some sense of order to an otherwise disorderly situation. I follow your steps of clearing out the trash and putting away things- right then- that need to be put in their places so I can find them if/when I need them.

Thank you for thinking all this through and putting it out there. We never know when that previous training of our brains will come in handy!

Use The Container Concept to Make Overwhelming Decisions at

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